calendar shows nobody@invalid.invalid

I can’t send any calendar entries with invitees anylonger. As soon as I try to schedule an event, the participant list shows nobody@invalid.invalid instead of my email address.
Mail works fine.

Same effect was described here:

Version used: 7.0.27943.0

Any idea?

Hi Hans,

we need to clarify who is your email provider and could you please try to schedule an event via webmail and test if same issue occurs there?
Please check afterwards if such created event is displayed correctly in eM Client.

Hello and sorry for not coming back, I was travelling for some months…

For a certain time I have moved to Thunderbird where everything works fine. No problems using the same configuration:
eMail is hosted via Norplex and Calendar is hosted as Caldav on my Synology (not the Synology Calendar).

Problem still exists on latest update of em Client. And I really would appreciate migrating back to emClient!

NB: Works fine with the local calendar, as soon as I use the Caldav calendar I do have the problem.