Calendar sent event with invalide time [SOLVED]

So the effect ist, that in my calendar, the event is placed for example with 17:00 clock
But at the customer at 16:00 clock.

The Problem ist, i think, that after saving the event, the timezone setting ist lost.
If i reopen the event again, then i see, that not timezone has been saved.

The time in the event is in your current time zone. So 15.00 UTC +1

The other time you have indicated in 16.00 UTC.

These are the same.

@Gary thanks for that feedback. So, than why the event is set in my calendar at 16:00 and in the customer calendar at 15:00 ? These is my real problem. If the text in the email differs, that would be okay, but not if the events are set in two different times in calendar.

There is no problem

You see it as 16.00 UTC + 1, the other person sees it as 15.00 UTC.
These are exactly the same times.

I am in the UK, and if I invite you to a meeting, for 3pm my time, that is 4pm your time.

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Ah Okay @Gary, meenwhile the date is correct, by change system timezone to auto.
In the first email the UTC date is not mention, but after edit an event, it is in the invite mail.
In Germany it makes no sense, because customers get confused. This is also an eMClient special, because I don’t see that before in any outlook invite.

One thing: Is it possible to remove the red marked UTC Timezone container from the invite mail?

In most cases the invite is sent by the server, not eM Client.

But check with your provider. Many use UTC as standard. Sometimes called Zulu (the same as UTC and sometimes denoted as a Z after the date/time)

An event should always have a time zone though. Otherwise, when you schedule an online meeting with me, I would arrive one hour late because I am on UK time. We compensate for that by showing all events in your calendar preview in your local time, so there is no confusion. The details when you edit the event, will either be those provided by the user or their server, with the timezone.

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@Gary thanks for your Feedback.