Calendar Reminders set at the same time only showing 6 out of 7


I recently upgraded to EMClient V7.2.33974.0 and since then noticed that when my Gmail 2 weekly reminders appear, only 6 out of 7 are appearing for the same time slot ?

Wondering if anyone else has this problem. Never seen this happen before.

The problem as per above where only (6 out of 7) Gmail Calendar reminders are showing is still happening with the latest official EMClient build 7.2.34711.0 .

I have dbl-checked all the Calendar events in Google Calendar via Chrome and EMClient and they are identical, yet i only ever get 6 reminders appear in EMClient. Deleting and Re adding the event makes no difference.

Its annoying to not see all my events appear. Either EMClient hasn’t been programmed to show more than 6 events or there is a bug that hasn’t been fixed yet and needs fixing.