Calendar reminders on Windows 10 (1709)

I am using the latest Version of em Client 7.1 (30.794) on latest Windows 10 (1709) and facing some problems. The Client is working pretty good except of Calendar reminders. I am using the CalDAV Service from my mail Account at If i create a new event for the same day i will get a notification / reminder, but not for events in the future like 2 or 3 days or for recurring events. In this case i only get notifications when the program starting up, but not when it ́s minimized to tray. So i will miss some appointments or will be reminded just the next day but not when the event is due. With previous versions this works also pretty fine, i figured out this problem since i updated to V7.1. Does anybody have the same issue or a solution how to fix this?

Would downgrading to the version where it was working be a solution?

I have Windows 10 (1709) and using eM Client 7.1.30794.0 as free 30 trial (I want to make sure that eM Client will work for me to replace Outlook 2016).

I just set up event in the calendar for next day and set up reminder as one day. eM client was minimized and I got pop-up reminder.

Thanks for your suggestion, but this is not an option to me, as i want to use the PGP functionallity, and i am not sure if a downgrade will solve the problem.

Thanks for your answer. I think, this is not a problem of em Client, more a problem by Windows, but i don ́t have any idea where to look for a solution. 

Well, PGP support was introduced in 7.1.30453, so you could downgrade to 7.1.30453 or 7.1.30508 if the calendar reminders were working correctly in either of those two versions.

Another idea is that you could reinstall the current version and see if the problem persists. I was not able to reproduce the problem you described on 7.1.30794, so it might be some problem with your installation.

As i am not really sure, what was the latewst working Version, i will try to re-install the client and clear all user data to get a clean installation, I will post the result here asap.
Thanks a lot for your support

For a clean installation, you need to delete or rename the profile directory. Usually C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

Make a backup first, and remember to export your PGP key pairs before you delete anything.

I have re-installed em Client and considered your tipp and deleted the profile, without any success. I forgot to mention, that it works (so far) when em client is active, but not when it ́s minimized to tray. Then it shows just notifications for new emails but no for calenda events. Thanks for your help and your hints, let me wish you all the best for 218, and maybe i will find a solution in the new year

Just a short update. The Problem seems to be solved. Originally i used the automatical setup by just entereing the mail-adress and it looks like it works. I re-setup my account now manually and the reminders pop up as expected. Thanks a lot to all of you for your feedback & suggestions

I assume you also updated to the latest version of eM Client since you had this problem?

Whatever the case, happy it is now working for you.