Calendar reminders not appearing since v8

I have always had the calendar reminder default set to 2 hours and in earlier versions that meant that 2 hours before an event a pop-up window appeared (not a Windows pop-up but one from emclient).

Now that has stopped working. I assume since V8 upgrade as no other change that I am aware of.

Calendar event notification settings are still the same.

Any ideas on how to fix this please?

I am having the same problem. Is there a solution to this? It is a critical feature, as I cannot snooze reminders properly.

I think another poster pointed me in the right direction in another htread.

I removed the check to “system notifications” and it appears it might be working for the calendar reminders. Unfortunately it looks like it eliminates the system notification when a new email comes in, which I liked.

OP here. My settings are the same as they have always been (default): Disable popup when main window is open, and Use system notifications.

However, this has never stopped a calendar reminder popping up (either when main window is open or when minimised) before. I have never touched those settings and have always had the calendar reminder popping up in all situations.

I have now tested with the tick removed for “disable popup…” and it still does not show me a reminder in any scenario,

Incidentally the new email notification pop up that looks like it uses Windows notifications stopped working many months ago. That doesn’t bother me but not getting calendar reminders is a major PITA.

Did you uncheck the system notification option? That is what did the trick for me. Having it checked stopped the calendar reminders from coming up for me and instead made them show as a system notification. Since your system notifications do not seem to be working, you must not be seeing the calendar reminders there either.

For what it’s worth, I only changed settings b/c it stopped working, most likely b/c calendar reminders were now included in the system notifications.

As of now, the only thing I have checked is “hide popup after 6000 milliseconds”.
Everything else is unchecked.

Good logic, thank you that solved the problem!

I always have Windows notifications off (in Windows settings) but previously that wasn’t a problem as emclient must have used its own notification. Although the “Use system notifications” box was always there in emclient settings, and always ticked, it seems that emclient used to override that if Windows notifications were off, and now it doesn’t.

Problem solved, thank you so much.