Calendar reminder

As far as I know it’s not possible to add two different reminders for one appointment. I’d like to have a reminder for example two days and two hours before the appointment begins


This has previously been requested, and is under consideration.…

This is an important missing feature … I was considering purchasing eM Client, but the only missing feature (which is very important to me) is the being able to set multiple reminders for a calendar event.
Hope you add this feature soon!

Is there any update on this feature? It would be nice to set up multiple reminders for an event. Thanks

I do hope this feature is still on the table to be added. This is an extremely important feature that calenders need to have.

I, too would very much like to have options to add multiple reminders in em client Calendar.

I sync with Apple calendar

if we can’t get the multiple reminder option I’m going to have to go somewhere else. migrating to something else is not what i want to do.