Calendar Reminder Notifications

Hey guys - just started using this today as a replacement for Outlook Pro 2007. One thing I liked about the calendar in Outlook is that I would get a pop up window for my reminders of the actionable items for the day on my calendar. It doesn’t appear to be working with this client. I am using a google calendar and it has imported fine. When I go to notification settings and look at reminders it shows no pop up windows and when I try to enable them it states it is not available for this item. I read some posts where people are talking about them so I am not sure what I am missing. 
Any help would be appreciated. 

Okay - I actually had one pop up today (a reminder) so it appears to be working. Next question… is there a way for these to pop up even if eM Client is not running? 


Glad to hear it’s working, but unfortunately there is no way to receive these alerts while the app is running - you can, however, set eM Client to run in the background after closing it by selecting “close the application to tray” in Menu>Tools>Settings>General.

Hope that helps.