Calendar Questions

  1. Is it possible to show multiple calendars on one page. e.g regular calendar + Hebrew Lunar? (Outlook allows this)
  2. Is it possible to display multiple time column on the left of the calendar page. e.g. local time + some other country? (Outlook allows this)
  3. Creating new events in the calendar body works as expected, but none of the imported Outlook events (listed in the event column) actually show in the calendar body. Do I have to redo them all by hand?

May I add another question:
4. The list of countries from which Holidays may be added is very limited. For example, I cannot see holidays for Israel. (Outlook allows countries you have never heard of … )

Hi Daniel, to show multiple calendars in one view, just check the color checkboxes next to each calendar, or use ctrl/shift to select multiple calendar at once.
Unfortunately it is not possible to show multiple timezones in one view, but all your events should be showing in your local timezone if the time is set to a different timezone.

How did you import your events, did you use the import data from a selected pst file while importing from Outlook?
What version of eM client are you currently using?

I’m sorry holidays for Israel are currently missing, I’ll forward this request to the developers if it could be added to future releases.

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Multiple calendars:  I did that - and got separate calendars on separate pages. Not  very helpful.
Importing events: Part of general import from Outlook. (I did it the naive “newbie” way: I gave eM Client my email address and let it clunk away for about 5 minutes. My Outlook account is actually a MS cloud thing setup by the company IT folk.)
eM Client in use: 6.0.20968.0
Israel holidays:  Good.



Hi again Daniel, not sure what you mean by “Separate pages”, eM Client does not support multiple tabs or windows for calendars so what you should be seeing is different event colors (each assigned with the color of it’s calendar) shown on the same page. Just like on my screenshot below.

I’m not really sure what you mean by the import/calendar issue, could you maybe take a screenshot of this issue?

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I think Daniel wants to see 2 calendars next to each other (or one above the other) … Hebrew lunar calendar dates are different from Gregorian calendar dates … I’m not sure whether eM Client supports overlapping different calendar systems.

This is unfortunately not possible in eM Client, maybe in future releases.

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OK. Here is an Outlook screenshot of my current setup:


  1. Two time zones show on the left: Melbourne and IL (local)
  2. Gregorian and Lunar dates on the top.
  3. Holidays show are of course local (IL)
    This is what I would like to see using eM Client. As to my earlier observation that the colored appointments were not imported in place - I can probably live with that. It’s a pain. but not a show-stopper.

By the way, is there a way to  enlarge the time cells: I do not insist on seeing the whole day at once in the window. A few hours with a vertical scroll bar (as shown) are enough.

You can also place two calendars side by side. That is also more of a “nice to have” than a show-stopper.



Hi Daniel,

You can specify the number of hours which should be shown in a calendar:

tools > settings > calendar > general

use the ‘show range’ combobox.

screen shot:

Hi, this is unfortunately not possible in eM client, there’s currently no support for Lunar calendar, and you can only view one time zone at once, just as I noted before you will however see your events aligned properly to the timezone you’re currently located in if you have the event setup for another time zone.

Just as Hans suggested below, you can adjust the Range in calendar under settings, and if you want to “zoom-in” on a certain time space, you can use ctrl + ‘+’/’-’/‘scroll’ to adjust the current view.

Hope this helps,

any news about the holidays?
they are still missing…