Calendar properties

So I’ve been using em Client since version 7 and up until the last 8 build, I was able to use my shared mail calendar (office 365), edit dates and creat new items. Now on the lates build 9.0.1361, if I want to save a date (doesn’t matter if new or existing one), I get the message “Unable to save the item, because the account is save only.”. If I revert back to em Client 8, I can edit existing and create new events again, without an error.

Please contact me directly on with a link to this post.

The problem isn’t solved, I’ll just stick to the em Client 8 for now.

Can you please try the latest version 9 available in the Release History.

I have issues in v9 where my shared calendars disappear. They are there at the start of the program and then disappear after a short time.

This didn’t happen in v8.


Latest build still has the same problem.