Calendar problem

Hello. When I try to add a calendar appointment, I get the message “Unable to save the item, because the account is read only”. Is this because of the last software update? Never had this problem before.

This is most likely because you are trying to save the event to a read-only calendar. Make sure you have selected the correct one before saving.

Could you please confirm that it is possible to add events to Google Calendars subscribed to from eM Client? In other words, can be Google Calendars writeable (not read only)? Thanks.

There are two ways to add a Google Calendar to eM Client.

  1. As an account. You can add the calendar in Menu > Accounts, then adding a new account. You can either add a whole Gmail account, which includes the Calendar and Contacts, or you can add it using Calendar > Google Calendar. With this method the calendar is writable.

  2. As an Internet Calendar. You can add public calendars by choosing Menu > Tools > Subscribe to Internet Calendar. For this you will need the shared url for the calendar. With this method the calendar is read-only.