Calendar problem with Outlook accounts

I have my eM Client set up for an Outlook account and my GMail Calendar.  Every time I sync I get an error message for the outlook Calendar:- “An Error Occurred. Synchronising folder *****Calendar failed due to the following error. The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.”.
But, in the Calendar view, I have un-ticked the Calendar boxes for the Outlook account, so it should not be trying to sync it.
I have ticked the box for the Google calendar and it is syncing that perfectly.
There is not a problem with the Outlook server, because I can sync this account fine in another email Client, the problem is clearly with eM Client.
I can’t figure out:-

  • Why is eM Client trying to sync this calendar when it is un-ticked in my settings, and
  • Why is it having a problem with the server when another email client is not ?

Noticed the same thing!  I just ignore the error message.  I think it may have to do with how eM and EAS talk to each other and if there is not a proper handshake eM complains.  Perhaps a timing issue.

Hi David,
I’m afraid this issue is bit more complex at the moment, as Microsoft is changing the mail protocols it supports.
If you had the Calendar option in eM Client at all, then your account must have been set up with AirSync protocol, which is being discontinued by Microsoft, so it generates many errors on its own.
You need to set up your account as IMAP for it to work properly. (I believe that your other email client probably set this account using IMAP already and thats why you did not notice any issues there).
To set up your account manually as IMAP, go to Tools>Accounts, choose New Account and instead of the automatic setup choose Mail>Other and setup the servers according to these server settings.


HI Olivia - thanks for this - and thanks especially for the link to that very useful url of server settings for all the versions email providers.   That’s exactly what I needed. I appreciate your help.

Thanks Ed.   Also, Olivia responded with a url which gives a lot of great information and which may well also be useful to others who are experiencing this same issue.

Dave and Olivia, I get the error log messages when using eM Client with my companies exchange server.  But it does not appear to be impacting my mail or calendar.  Oddly enough, I cannot get Outlook 2016 to connect to my office exchange server yet eM Client will work.  Seems our autodiscover settings is not allowing Outlook 2016 to get the virtual directory information and therefore I cannot create the account in Outlook.  So for now I am having to use emclient which is fine.  But at some point I want to figure out how to get outlook talking to our exchange server.  The link that Olivia provided is an excellent resource for all the other servers out there.  I will keep that URL for sure.