Calendar - old entries gone!

old calendar entries which are over 2 months old have disappeared. Repeat ones, like birthdays, are still there but one-off events in my diary/calendar that are over 2 months old are missing… i am using the latest version and windows 10…
If i go to Outlook 2007, which i no longer use (as I prefer eM Client) all of the entries are there - so i assume that it is not a problem with MS Exchange settings

Hello Frodo,
can you tell me the exact version number from Help>About section?
Are there any error messages in Tools>Operations>Error window?


v 6.0.24316.0 paid for prof version.
no error msg at the moment…
Just checkad again and all old months appear in the calendar in OUTLOOk but not in eM Client ;-(

Hello Frodo,
if you are a PRO user I suggest filing a ticket with our PRO support, where our engineers can give you a faster service and even connect to your computer if needed -

Best regards,