Calendar Notifications

I am not getting any notifications from my calendar. I went to Settings-Notifications and nothing is available for “Reminder”. Any Thoughts? 

Please, give some more details:

  • Have you set a reminder in your date (there is a drop down)?
  • Is emClient running?
  • Are you talking about reminders on your smartphone or your computer?

Yes, there is a reminder
Yes emclient is running
Reminders on computer. I get them on my phone but not the computer.

I used emclient at my last job but we had an exchange server and the reminders worked. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or if I am now on a version that doesn’t work? I am on 7.1.33101.0.  My calendar is thru my Google Gmail account.

I am using calendar without exchange and it works fine. Therefore, I would exclude this as reason.
Iam using 7.1.33101.0., too. Another reason to exclude.
No idea if this could be a reason: This is checked in settings?

I have that checked. Do you have an option on this window for “Reminder” 

I have all options checked in this area.