Calendar notifications not working

I am getting email notifications fine (both system and built-in), but calendar reminder notifications are not appearing (neither system, nor built-in). I’m not sure what I’m missing.

Here are my settings:

Have you ever got calendar notiications ?

If you haven’t, could be a program installation related problem. Try uninstalling eM Client and “dont delete the database when asked” on uninstall. Then reinstall the same or later version of “your currrent eM Client version” from the version history page for PC and Mac. You can see your current version via “Menu / Help / About”.

Note- Before uninstalling, backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” in case you have any problems.

Will give that a try. I’m on version 8.2.1659.

I just installed the other day. I haven’t ever gotten calendar notifications.


That seems to have worked. Thanks!

Previously, I had installed it through the Microsoft Store and had the em Client for Microsoft Store version installed. It might have been a problem with that? Not sure. Installing the one from the link you provided seems to have resolved the issue.

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