Calendar notifications not working or late

Most of my calendar notifications do not appear or arrive at odd times, such as 3 hours and 26 minutes late. Problem is not time zone. Phone manufacturer has three times walked through settings. Any one else having this problem? Is there a problem with eM Client?

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Just to clarify, are the late notifications on your phone, or in eM Client?

Similar problem for me, I have eM client on two computers (both win 10 64 bits) and on one of them, with eM client 8.0.3385, notifications are all late of about 3hrs or so. The other with eM client .8.1.876 seems to work fine.

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If you update the 8.0.3385 version to 8.1.876 are the notifications on time?

Same problem: no notification available in any way. I’m looking for a popup notification like the one in Outlook, it would be perfect.

Hello, thanks for the reply. On closer look, it seems that it has more to do with me not understanding how eMC notifications work, that is to say the fact that they appear one after another.
If notifications are not dismissed manually, they then keep reappearing: am I correct?
And if an event has been rescheduled but the notification was never dismissed then notifications for both times will show up: am I correct again?
I upgraded my versions and will let you know how it goes.

The more I look into it, the more I think the “three hours late notification” has something to do with the first notification not being seen and acknowledged (by user) and being somewhat automatically snoozed by eMC.
Is there such an automatic snooze or is it just my imagination?

I do not even have notification at all :roll_eyes:

Any update on how notifications work? I also have a lot of past events notifying me everytime I close and open the app. I usually don’t close my PC nor EM Client, but when do a reset or need to free mem I do, and when open it again, notifications pop up.

They work properly now.

Not for me, still getting notifications for old events