Calendar not syncing with Google any more

I have problem with calendar and his Google syncing. Version of the eM Client is 6.0.22328.0. and Google calendar not syncing. In previous version was  (one week ago) working sometime (usually only if I restarted eM) and one moth ago was everything super ok.

Where is a problem now, please? Whats going on?

Haw can find a history of a previous versions of eM? 

I have been holding off updating eM Client since the end of last year due to a minor but annoying problem with the minimise restore and close buttons which double up if the mouse is held over them. I have just tried updating again to see where we have got to and there is no change with the buttons but my Calendars have stopped working as well (V 6.0.22328.0 again)

It seems updates have become backward steps! Not only that but I can no longer downgrade as I did before as I am told my database has been modified and will only work with the new version.

Not happy!

My apologies to eM Client, it seems the problems was at least in part down to Google! When the older version would not run I was offered the option of updating and this button installed a different version (even though my last update was less than an hour ago. it is now 6.0.22331.0 and the calendars now work :slight_smile: … (the duplication of buttons still happens though)

Hello, unfortunately it is no longer possible to downgrade to an older release of eM Client while using Gmail as the mail server has changed their authentication preferences and from now on you have to authenticate with your server using OAuth, we’ve implemented this feature and you should be able to authenticate with your account using the new method without any issues, however the major update was followed with a couple of bug fixes, please make sure to update your eM Client to the latest release,

If you’re still having issues while synchronizing your items, please let me know.

The only change is in the way eM Client authenticates with your server, you should be seeing a browser window allowing you to enter your password, please make sure to authenticate with the account and allow access for mail services in the next step.

Hope this helps, for more information about the release, please check out our blog or facebook page.

Dear Paul
I have update to 6.0.22336 now, but it not works through menu Update in eM.

_ Attention _: Google calendar “is syncing”, HOWEVER only if I restart
or start eM, NO during run the application i.e. eM.

I guess it was syncing in some previous version when was syncing emails.

I don’t like to restart the application each time when I’d like to syncing some event or contact (because I guess Contacts works some way now). 

Hello Peter, I’m unfortunately unable to replicate this issue, default calendars are being updated based on your application settings in Tools > Settings > General, however other calendar subfolders are updated each time you open the folder in eM Client.

Magic. I did nothing or I have no idea I have done but it is working again and calendar is syncing. Thanks anyone.

Hello Peter, thank you for following up with us, glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application.

We’ll be happy to help.