Calendar not sending emails to invitees.

Hi all,

Recently switched to Mdaemon, we use World client for our web client and eMclient as the local client.
We use caldav/carddav for calendars,contact and task sync.
And used the recommended setup for eMclient with Mdaemon for caldav/carddav.
But eMclient does not prompt users to send emails to invitees. The web client works fine.
I added my gmail acct to the same eMclient and this worked fine - I’m getting prompted.
The problem seems to be with the caldav/carddav config possibly on the eMclient or MDaemon side so I have open a ticket up with MDaemon as well. Looking online various clients and servers have issue with caldav/carddav and sending emails to invitees. 

Has anybody got the same setup and has experience the same issue? 

Thank you in advance.

I was just commenting on another question about invites, and I found no difficulty with the attendees receiving the invite request. 

It may be server specific, so all I can suggest is that you open a support ticket with eM Client, and they will be able to assist you further.