Calendar not having the right time zone when traveling

Hi, as I have just arrived to San Francisco from Taiwan, all of my calendar events are not “time-synced” accordingly. I have already changed my system time zone (by clicking on the lower right hand clock). Outlook Calendar usually works after I set the time zone whenever I travel internationally, but eM Client’s calendar time zone is still with “Taiwan”. How do I change this?



I have recreated your issue in newest version of eM Client (5.0.18637.0) by seting up event in calendar in my timezone then changing it in Windows “Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region” and it works, so can I ask you to be patient a little until eM Client will tell you that there is new patch?

We are pushing that update to clients gradually so some users receive it sooner some later, you can try checking in Help - Check for update…

best regards