Calendar not changing from Day view back to Month view correctly

Hi all,
I use a Gmail calendar in EMClient V7.2.34030.0 on Windows 10 Latest Official Build V1803 Build 17134.471 and have a problem with switching back from Day view to Month view. I run a resolution of 1920x1080.

Eg: When i go to my Gmail Calender in EMClient for this month shows me today at the top left (December) in the heading and automatically the dates below from 26th Nov to the 6th Jan and todays date 13th Dec highlighted which is fine, so i see the entire month calender.

I then change to Day view which then shows me the 13th Dec at the top in the heading and all the calender events for today below which is correct.

However if i then change back to Month view, it says at the top in the heading 5th Nov to 16th Dec which i then have to allways click the right arrow next to the 5th Dec at the top to change it back to jusr Dec which then gives me back the entire month from the 26th Nov to the 6th Jan.

So basically when you change from Month to Day view and back to Month, the calender does not return the entire month view.

The other thing that happens, is that sometimes when you change from Month to Day view instead of staying on the same day eg: the 13th Dec, it will show the 1st. I then have to also click the right arrow again next to the 1st Dec to get back to the 13th Dec to see my events.

Note:- This problem has happened with all versions of EMClient that i can remember. So would be great if this could be fixed in a future update. I have even reformatted Windows and reinstalled new, but still does it, so its not a local Windows problem.

Thankz in advance.

I can confirm that mine acts exactly the same as cyberzork describes.  Never noticed it before.

Hi Cyberzork,

Thank you for reporting this. I just forwarded it for testing and for a fix if necessary.


Thanks for looking into this :slight_smile: