Calendar New Appointment screen does not gain focus on first launch

Windows 10, Latest release and updates.

Recently (last couple of releases of emC and for about the last 6-9 months) I have noticed that a lot of the time (but not always 100%), when I launch emClient for the first time (e.g. after a restart or after I have closed it and come back to it some time later with no restart), select Calendar and then click “+ New” button the window for the new appointment opens in the background and does not take focus. I have to use my Alt+Tab keys to get to the window entitled “event” and then I can go ahead and create my new entry as normal. If I click “+ New” a second time the 2nd new appointment does take focus just fine. It is only the first launch

I thought it might be a corrupt installation so I uninstalled emC and cleared all the cached files, setup my two Gmail accounts from scratch, let them full sync and selected my chosen Calendars in the Calendar section of the program but the issue is still present.
All the other aspect of the Calendar functionality is working fine (including Sync etc.).

It is the only program on the PC that does not manage to take focus when a new popup window is created (as far as I can tell). I don’t have Windows “Fast Startup” enabled either and it was from a full shutdown and startup.

I don’t have emC set to run in the background when I close it.