Calendar Multiuser possible?

Is it possible to create a calendar for multiple users.

Everybody should manage it from his side and we should also manage the calendar of the others.

Why not create a Google calendar?

Do you mean, why I dont work with Google Calendar?

Because I have about 10 E-Mail accounts. And the Interface of eM is much easier for my eyes.

Me too!

I meant link a Google calendar to EM.  That way other’s can add/edit (either using EM or Google).

All of my calendars are on Google, and I can view them in EM. That way I can see them on any device including my phone, and I can also share calendars easily. 

Hi Jean-Chris,
sorry for the delayed reply, but unfortunately, there is no default function for this, seeing as eM Client only has its own local calendar.
If you make an online calendar somewhere though (gmail/iCloud/others) and then set up that Calendar account on more computers in Tools>Accounts>New Account>Calendar, it should synchronize for everyone.