Calendar month view incorrect in Version 6

I am using eM Client 6.0 and always display my calendars in the month view. Initially it starts correctly, for example the title of the calendar panel is January 2014. If you then try to scroll forward using the arrow in the title to the next month you would expect February 2014 but instead you get 3 February - 9 March. Scroll forward again and you get 10 March - 13 April. It is getting further and further out of the month sync. If you then scroll backwards you get 3 march - 6 April, then February 2014 ( hooray), then 23 December 2013 - 26 January 2014.

What I would expect is January 2014 with the 1st of January somewhere in the top row of the calendar. Then February 2014, again with the 1st of the month somewhere on the top row. This should be the case no matter how many times I scroll forward or backward.

I have just noticed that if I set the number of calendar rows to display to be 6 then it seems to behave as expected, but if I set it to 5 then no joy.

I think that this used to work in Version 5 with just 5 rows displayed.

Yes, this has been noted and discussed here:…

I never realized you could adjust the number of rows and it’s interesting that it makes a difference. Very odd.

John, the behavior with 6 rows displayed is exactly what was being suggested in the other thread. Clicking the right arrow takes the first of the next month to the top row, even though there’s an overlap in the weeks displayed (for example just scrolling forward 4 of the 6 weeks currently displayed).

I can’t believe that anyone would do this “by design.” Don’t get me wrong, I salute the em design team and I think this app is easily one of the best on my computer. It’s great. I sing it’s praises. But sometimes all the other email and calendar programs do the same thing …for a reason. Because it makes sense. Because, in recent times, when 99% of humans look at something called a calendar they flip one month at a time. It is very disorientating to view it in 4-5 week segments. It’s difficult to see the beginning of the month and I get lost what month I’m in…because, silly me, I just assume that when I navigate to March that only March would show. I don’t doubt that some will find it useful to have the view the way it is…But I think there should at least be an option in preferences to have it be a “traditional” view. And I’m sure many others would feel the same if asked.