Calendar items disappear and reappear

I use a CalDav calender which is on an ownCloud with eM Client. When I access the calender in eM Client items disappear and reappear multiple times, which makes it very annoying to quickly look something up. Aren’t the calendars cached locally?


this was issue with older versions, what version (help - about) do you use?



thank you for your reply.

I use version 5.0.18661.0

I think the problem is, that calendar items are synced every time I change the view or the day/month in the respective tab. Both Thunderbird/Lightning and Apple Calendar do *not* show that problem accessing the same CalDav account via the same internet connection.

so do your calendar items disappear for good or they reappear later?


items do not disappear for good (in the sense of being deleted). After about 1 minute all items are there again. I have made two screen videos to better illustrate to problem. Could you give me your email adress? I will then send you the links to me server for downloading the videos. Please understand that I do not want to make the videos available in a public forum.

Btw, in between I have updated to version 5.0.19406.0, dosen’t make any difference

you can send me them to, but after your further explanation I think this is caused by internet connection.

CalDAV in eM Client is designed to refresh calendar data on open (access) so user will have fresh data at all times.


Hi John,

I have sent you the link to the videos on your email adress. May I add that I have a DSL 16000 connection. I know that there are faster ones, but I think me connection is quite average to slightly above average for an internet home user. At least, for me it is not “slow”. What bandwith does your software require to avoid the effect discussed above?
I think the program is pretty usless for private customers if an 100 MBit or above bandwith connection is required. Are you only aiming at a corporate users of eM Client?

I saw your videos and it is exactly problem which we can’t resolve at this moment which was what I wrote in other topic.

when solution will be known we will implement it but until then there is nothing to do.


Reviving old topic - I notice this with Google calendars when I “Accept” an invitation. The item disappears completely at first, but reappears a minute or two later. I have a workaround but thought I would mention it in case this is still being worked on.