Calendar item keeps appearing after dismissal

I am using Office365 Hosted Exchange and just started using eM Client about 3 weeks ago. Some events on my calendar that were created before using eM are not dismissing/snoozing properly. After dismissing the events, they re-appear every minute no matter what I choose: Dismiss, Dismiss all, snooze, snooze for 2 weeks, etc. It’s not all events, just seems to be one at a time that is affected. I am now leaving them un-dismissed so that they aren’t constantly popping up.

I also get errors but I’m not sure if they pertain to the same issue because there’s no info about what the error refers to: Uploading item(s) to folder ‘’ failed with an error: Set action is invalid for property.

Hope someone can help!

Hi, we are aware of this issue. There are some issues with Exchange server synchronization and developers are trying to find solution quickly.

But you can send me your Exchange logs, go to tools - settings - advanced, check Exchange Web Services under your account, apply and restart eM Client.

Simulate steps that leads to your issue and after that send logs… to together with this topic’s URL in subject.

then you can turn logging off.