calendar item description: to many lines; blocks writing

When making a calendar item and put in a lot of lines in the description field and scroll from top to bottom it prevents further writing in the description. I can only safe or press cancel.

I think this is a glitch

tested with a dummy-item: confirmed
it did work sometimes, when choosing “open” (context-menu) instead of double-clicking the item.
But not always…
after several attempts to open and edit my “dummy-item” it now works flawlessly.
-> perhaps eM-Client takes some time to update the database, index and fulltext-search-DB etc.
and “locks” the item until finished with that?


Hello Sebastian,
does this issue still happen even in the latest version of eM Client?
Please download the latest version of eM Client here -
Current version is 7.0.27744.0, you can check the full number of your current installation in Help>About section.