Calendar issue - drag and drop dysfunction exchange account

Hello, when I’m creating a new calendar item in emclient, this new calendar item is synced correctly to the exchange server (it appears a few seconds later in outlook).
But when I drag and drop an existing calendar item in emclient to a new position, e.g. 2 days later, then there is no synchronisation with the exchange server. The “new” position isnt re-sychronised to the exchange-server, even when I start syncing manually. By using the “repair”-function (calendar-folder) the “new” calendar-item-position is deleted and the orginial calendar item-position appears (the original calendar item before it was moved with drag and drop). It is impossible to use the repair-function ervery time i shift a calendar-item via drag and drop. There is no error message. emclient-version 6.0.20224.0 using an exchange-account.
Hope you find a solution, thanks!

Hi, the repair function deletes any occurrences in your eM Client and replaces them with the server version, so what you’re saying is correct, however that’s the way how the repair function works.
What happens if you wait until the next synchronization cycle or if you press “Send and Receive” is the item synchronized with the server?

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Hi, this is exact the problem: Nothing happens when I press “send an receive” or wait until the synchronisation cycle is done - the item is not synchronized with the server, no error message occurs. Even when I close the program and re-open it, the item is local (in emclient) at the “new” position, but not on the server. So after a while there is a big data-collusion when you use drag and drop - there a two different datasets on the local  emclient and on the server.
Best regards
Frank Sandlos

Hi Frank,

Which version of eM Client are you using? I had exactly the same issue as you in a previous version (but then related to / Hotmail).

I’ve just done some tests, and now my appointments are updated on my Windows Phone, so I guess something has improved in a newer version of eM Client.

I’m using 6.0.20224.0

Hi Hans,
I’m using 6.0.20224.0 too.

Hi Frank, can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on Exchange Web Services logging and save the settings, restart the application and when you see the issue occured… the calendar item should be synchronized, go back to the advanced settings window and send me the logs to

Also please include a reference link to this forum topic.

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I’ve send you the logs on 2014-05-19.

Error still remains in Version 6.0.20320.0

Error still remains in Version 6.0.20448.0

I have this exact same problem on the 6.0.21372.0

Hi, can you please try to update your eM Client to this release, and check if the issue persists?

If it does, please navigate to Tools > Settings > Advanced and enable Exchange Web Services logging for the problematic account,

  1. Save the settings
  2. Restart the application
  3. Replicate the issue
    Once the issue reoccurs, please go back to the advanced settings window and submit the logs to us using the “Send logs” button, please submit the logs to my email with a reference link to this forum topic.

Also please include details of the event you’ve replicated the issue with while logging was enabled.

Thank you,