Calendar invites show time as GMT rather than local time

Calendar invites show time as GMT rather than local time.  Attendees are shoked when they get an email inviting them to a meeting at 2:00am-3:00am (GMT), rather than showing the current local times of 10:00am-11:00am (GMT+10), for example.

Hello, not quite sure what you’re referring to, are your calendar events displayed incorrectly in your calendar as well, please make sure that you’re using the right timezone settings on your mail server, as timezone settings are setup on the calendar/mail server only. eM Client does not include any time & date settings, all components used are using either the system settings or your mail server settings.

If the issue persists, and your calendar events are displayed incorrectly, please make sure you’re saving the events into the appropriate timezone, as you can manage what timezone will the event be in in the event’s details next to the start/end dates you have the option to select Timezones.

Otherwise please make a screenshot of the issue and include more information about your current setup, for example what calendar service you’re using eM Client with and what version of eM Client you currently have installed on your computer, you can find the exact release number in Help > About.


Please refer to image below – the example meeting time is set for 10:00am start, which is what is shown in eM’s Calendar, but eM’s Calendar Invite subject and descriptions always show 1:30am for the same meeting time.  I have verified the timezone of the meeting prior to sending, and it is always set correctly to (UTC+10:00).
This is a repeatable error and happens for every invite sent from eM Client.  Meetings sent from other clients using the same Google servers do not show this error, but display the local meeting time.

The System Time is set for (UTC+10:00), and is current and correct, and matched on both sending and receiving computers.
The version of eM Client is 6.0.22344.0

This meeting request is sent by your mail server (Gmail), please make sure calendar/timezone settings are correct on the server. Based on the information included in the invite, your online calendar is using the GMT timezone not GMT+10, so I’m guessing your calendar server is set to use GMT instead of your local time zone.


I have checked through dozens of pages of settings on google admin, and everything appears to be set correctly to GMT+10.  The system time was set to UTC+10 also.
I’m sure it must be something else.  Also, Calendar Invites from iPhone/Android don’t exhibit this issue, it only to happen with Invites from eM, as far as I am aware.


Hello again, can you please try to install this update, 6.0.23330.0 and check if the issue persists, if it does, please try to perform repair on affected calendar folder by right clicking the calendar folder in the left pane and selecting Properties > Repair.