Calendar invitation - no notifications, only "invitations(#)" in calendar view

When receiving an calendar invitation, I only can detect this by looking at the calendar showing “invitations(#)”. Is there any way to get a notification?

Was this answered?

No it wasnt. Does it happen to you too?

Yes it happens to me.

Yes, it happens to me too. It would be awesome to have a notification int the tray for incoming invitations.

BTW, I am using em Client with an Apple iCal server.

Some of the invitations are written directly in the calendar and shown in the Sidebar, tab Invitations without a notification, but our developers are already working on it.

Hi I really like this product but invitations do not show in the invitation sidebar, why is that?

Because your server does not support Automatic Scheduling.

I am using google account and i cannot see too notification unless i look at the calendar itself.

hi, can you please describe me better what do you mean by your issue? If possible post here screenshot of it.


Here a screenshot of my calendar.
No invitation in the mailbox…

hmm, I still can’t imagine what is exactly your issue with eM Client.

Is it when you are invited to some event it does not show? Or after you confirm it it is not shown in your calendar?


the invitation appears as it is in the screenshot but nothing appears in my mailbox asking for confirmation.
If i do not look at the calendar, then i do not know someone has sent an invitation to my attention.

I see it now, this is because of how server handles it, it can put it to your calendar directly. But you should be able to see invitations in rightside bard under “Invitations”


OK, this is an acceptable workaround for me.
Thanks for your support

you are much welcome