Calendar in eM Client does not access CALDAV calendar


For some days now my CALDAV calendar access has “disappeared” from the eM Client.

System information:
eM Client 8.2.1509 (b0e58cf)
Operating system Win10 x64 KB5005565

This had happened earlier this year already – and somehow got fixed by itself.

Any suggestions what to do this time – apart from waiting?!

KR, Bernd

It seems that GMX changed their CalDAV address.

Who is your account with (,, etc.) and I will give you the correct address.

Thanks for responding.
It is

In eM Client go to Menu > Accounts.

Click on the CalDAV tab for your account.

Change the url to

Click on Save & Close.

Back in the main interface click on Menu > File > Work Offline.
Then click on Menu > File > Work Online.

The calendar should now sync.

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It does!
Thanks for your support.
Bye, Bernd