Calendar in a separate Window,

I’d really like to have my calendar open as a separate window. As it is now, I have to chose between email or calendar. Normally, in the web based gmail, I’d have two browser windows open, one for mail and one for calendar, as I need both to be productive. By having to chose between one or the other, I sometimes miss stuff I’d otherwise have seen. Even just showing the calendar for the current day in small format somwhere on the email window would help a lot.
Other than that, you guys are doing a great job - I like the software! Its faster and easier than MS Outlook and I don’t have to search for tabs in some browser as with online gmail ! Thanks!
PS: If you can make the ‘task’ list more useful by adding a ‘priority’ property to each task, and allowing sorting by ‘priority’, then that would ‘make my day’ !!