calendar icons - is there a key somewhere?

However seemingly trivial…

Can someone direct me to a key for the icons displayed over calendar entries? From trial and error (that takes a long time) I see the the clock = reminder, and the two curved arrows indicate a recurring event.

Looking at “month” view…

Why does one of the “recurring” icons seem to have a slash through it?

What is the little vertical box to the far right of the reminder and recurring icons? 




Nevermind. I FINALLY found it (no thanks to any help here). The “box” appears what a category is selected. Still have no idea what slashed recurring icon means.

Hi Carl,
sorry for missing this thread. Im not sure which box you meant, was this the color category box?
Also, the slashed recurring icon could be an instance of the recurring event that has been somehow changed from the original event.


Hi Olivia, 
I think it MAY be the color category box, yet I am puzzled why there needs to be a box when the color of the field is changed. (Maybe in case there are two categories? Best,

Hi Carl,
it’s not about the color itself, but the category the event belongs to. An event can belong to one or more color categories (or none).

You see that the events above are both the same color but one has no categories (and no box) and one has 3 - the default color for the calendar that I made these events in is blue.
But I have the same blue color set for Business events.
So it’s useful that I can see the box(boxes) in the corner to see right away which categories this event belongs to.

Best regards,