Calendar handling in em Client

I have something like nine email accounts (don’t ask) and three Google account calendars (personal, business, client) with sub calendars within those accounts. I need to associate each email account with one of the three Google account calendars so that when I receive an invitation, I can accept it and will show up on the appropriate calendar.

For example, if any of my personal accounts get an invite, I wanted to go to the personal counter. If my business accounts get an invite, it goes to my business calendar and if I get an invite on my client email it needs to go to my client calendar.

Most email clients creates a real Charlie foxtrot of a situation where they automatically accept the event and then won’t let me forward the invitation to the Google account with the calendar it belongs on. Between having to reenter events manually on the right calendar and having calendar alerts show up when I happened to use that particular client instead of the web interface or my phone, it’s a royal pain.

The back story on why the mishmash is that I’m on multiple platforms and use my phone as the common ground. I use reclaim.AI for time blocking and calendar synchronization between those three calendars with different privacy rules.