[Calendar] Find results window vanishes after a few searches


I already noticed that, sometimes (conditions not really clear yet):

  • after I did a search (correctly handled: search dialog for pattern & settings is displayed, then search results window is displayed too)
  • then I returned to the calendar view,
  • if, later on, I want to search again, and use Ctrl-Shift-F or “Edit-Find…”, I’m proposed the dialog for specifying my search settings, but once validated the Find results window no longer shows up

It seems that it’ll never show up again, so I have to close & re-open eM Client, quite annoying.

Any clue? TIA

Strange, I was unable to simulate the issue. If you find the conditions when you are able to 100% reproduce the problem, please let me know.


Hi George,

Got it several times, but never understood what did trigger this. I once thought that it was definitive, and that the only solution was to restart eM, but last time it happened, I was able to display it again after a while…

Will let you know if I figure out what leads to such a situation. BTW, thanks for trying to reproducing it.

Hi George,

Forget it, I think I was misusing the client.

OK, thank you for informing me.