Calendar feature requests

Hi, it would be really great and helpful if some features could be added to the calendar (version 9):

  • When confirming or denying an invitation, it should be possible to add a comment - which will then be added to the reply mail for the inviter. So you can let him/her know i.e. why you will be a bit late or give an option for a new meeting, without having to write a separate mail.

  • When setting a reminder, it is only possible to set after how many days, hours or minutes you want to be reminded. Which is fine for short term notifications but not so for longer terms as you need a calendar to check how many weeks equals i.e. two days before the start and then it can also only be set by approximate.

Please add either similar options for days/hours/minutes before the start time of the calendar item (would become a long list!) or a select option to choose between after the current time or before the start time as a reference. Personally I would already be very happy if reminder options would always be relative to the start time whereas relative to ‘now’ would only exist within 24 hours or less or even not be there at all.

  • There is an option to show the calendar item as e.g. ‘free’, ‘busy’ or ‘out of office’. Can this information also be shown in the calendar or task overview? As it is, the only way to see and use it is by opening it, which makes it a bit useless. Maybe I’m missing something here?

My three cents to make the product even better and a real alternative for Outlook :wink: Thanks!


I also need the indicator of free/busy. I would request that a color is able to be selected per calendar as a calendar property to indicate free events in particular. I’d probably select a light gray myself because I want those free events to fade away so I can just see the standard calendar events marked as busy that take on the calendar’s default color.

+1 me too. This would be very useful…

So-called ‘red time’ is used in many companies. It is a routine period specified by the user during which they should not be contacted. Have you tried setting up a repeating event, without a reminder, in which the only attendee is yourself?

If you are trying to co-ordinate people and/or resources using a calendar, I think you need to use a cloud or enterprise system. I think Google shared calendars gives out full details (ugly). Google last I heard is also incompetent with time zones, but then, so few people and organisations use it