calendar fails to send out invite

When I put a new calendar event in, invite people and hit create it asks me would I like to send and I do then I get error messages saying that the server did not recognize the recipients… I go to the out box and there is my invite with the subject but nothing else …no invitees to calendar entry… just blank… Please advise

Will be answered as ticket nr. 3029 at our official support ticket system.

Please can you post the fix publicly as this is affecting me too.

I have further information about this problem:

  1. It affects all but one of my accounts. I have several Google Apps accounts set up in eM Client 3.0. I can invite attendees using only one of them.

  2. The working account is not my default account.

3.I know of no differences between the accounts. 2 of them are paid-for commercial Google Apps accounts, 3 of them are free Google Apps accounts. The working account is a free one.

Hope this helps.

there were some issues connected with invitation sending. Please, try the new build version at… whether it is OK now. Let us know then.

Some cases were fixed now and other will be fixed to the next release version (in next weeks) so I have to recommend to wait till the official release where it will be all right.

No…still having the same issue. I noticed that the “invitation” in the outbox has a blank “To” and also there are no meeting details or any calendar attachment, which was mentioned above.…