Calendar fail Google workspace

After my company’s mail server was upgraded to Google Workspace, I cannot add any new events. When clicking save and close, it shows quickly a red message. Unfortunately the message closes before I am able to read it. When doing the same to another gmail calendar, no problem. II have made no changes to my eM Client settings. This problem is when choosing the calendar from the lower left corner.
If using the calendar option from the right hand menu, no problem. Maybe not a problem with Google Workspace after all?

I would suggest to first try repairing the Google workspace calendar in eM Client which should then re-sync the calendar to your online one, and then allow you to add events again etc.

“Right click” on the word “Calendar” (under your Google Calendar Account) in eM Client, and then “Click Properties” at the bottom. Next click the “Repair” tab at the top and finally click “Repair”. This will take a little time as eM Client has to rebuild the local Google calendar & cache etc

If the repair Google Calendar function still does not fix it, then suggest to remove your Google account from eM Client and re-add your account as brand new which should definitely then fix it.

Note: Before repairing or removing your account, backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup"

I left my PC running unattended for a few hours. When I started to use it again, everything seems to be OK. I had a similar incidence last summer regarding tasks. I then asked (paid) support, but have not received a reply yet.
Thanks for your suggestion, will keep it if it happens again.