Calendar events on current+3 days are displayed one hour late since last update

Since the last update to version 6.0.23421.0, I’m seeing an error with displaying the event 1 hour later. It appears on the current day and up to 3 days in the future, fourth day is fine. For example: 

Today is 21. October: event 1 hour late
Tomorrow is 22. October: event 1 hour late
23. October: event 1 hour late
24. October: event 1 hour late
25. October: event is fine as on other clients

I’m sycing via CalDAV from a paid hosting provider. The data is displayed properly on the web client and on iOS client. The only issue is with the eMClient, which runs on Windows 8.1 x64. The behaviour didn’t exist prior updating. 

that is a rather curious issue, does this just happen for the reminder of the events or is the event altered completely?

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the event time was altered completely. Whatever time I’ve set on iOS or web client, it showed wrong time in emClient for current date and 3 days in the future. Events  past 3 days were fine.

Although the issue has been fixed by itself somehow. Maybe it had something to do with DST change which occured on October 25th (and 3 days in the future were exactly on the October 25th in the time of testing). Does eMClient have any code related to that, or does it only fetch the datetime and timezone from the CalDAV server (when using DAV) ?