Calendar events not syncing with Google Calendar.

When I enter a new calendar entry into eM Client, it is not synced to my gmail calendar. The events are all saved to local folders/calendar/ and all of my events coming from my Gmail account are in the folder (my email)/calendar. Can anyone tell me how to get events entered into my eM Client to also appear in my Google Calendar online?

Are these entry in your primary calendar?

I thought that they were but every time I check it says that they are only in local. Maybe I am setting it up incorrectly but I can’t seem to get it to save to my gmail address. Any help would be appreciated in getting the settings correct.

How do you create events? I think you should create gmail events in your (my email)/calendar folder because that’s the folder for Gmail both-way synchronizing.

Hmm that’s the problem. In the calendar, I click on a time to open the create event dialogue box and then enter all the event information and under scheduling make sure that it’s under my email account and it still automatically saves to my local…

Update: For some reason today it is working just fine, although I did absolutely nothing different than what I was doing yesterday. Maybe the calendar was still taking time to sync or something for some reason. Thanks for the help guys.