calendar events 1 hour out - just hapened

I’m finding events in Google calendar are now appearing eM one hour earlier that set in Google (whether on my phone or by web). I’m in Sydney Australia, where it’s currently on Summer Time (1 hour difference) - could this be the problem?.

There are a lot of topics about this ‘1 hour difference’…especially from people from Australia.

I believe I’ve read that this might be solved in the next update of eM Client…which will hopefully be released next week.

Thanks - I think I’ve also noticed that there’s some sort of workaround in beta. So let’s hope.

I like eM, even thought there are a number of features I enjoyed from Outlook I’d still like to see and a few bits of quirky behaviour. I think they’ve done a great job.

yep - Jan sent the link through to em when I enquired at…

it has worked, but you do have to readjust any events created while the software had the glitch.

We should release new update soon, some of the Gmail calendar issues should be repaired.

We have found out from users’s logs that not all issues are caused by same source.


I have the same problem , im use version 6.0.19999.0 1 hour