Calendar Event items

I realise that eM Client 7 is getting ever closer to its release and I hope that the version addresses some of these issues. But I am not about to download and install the BETA just to determine what has been changed and ‘perhaps’ improved.  So forgive me if I am detailing issues that are already over hauled.

As a dedicated user of the PRO version of eM Client I am just starting to feel that the software is a bit ‘clunky’ when it comes to some aspects of the functionality especially when compared to how other modern apps behave. There are many suggestions I could make in all aspects of the application including the email editor window and so on. But for now I just particularly want to bring the creation and modification of Calendar Event items into focus as some of the functionality for inputting values in that window are becoming a frustration, so following are suggestions for improvement !

The functional issues that really bug me are

  • entry of the date and time values
  • duration of event
  • support for Google notifications (multiple Reminders)

entry of the date and time

The fact that you have to enter the date as a day number value then a month number value then a year number value is painful! If I want to enter a date value as dd/mm/yy then I should be able to just click in the Start date field, or End date field, and then just type away! No having to select each date component separately. If the user wants to enter a complete date as a string then the application should be able to interpret and evaluate the typed string appropriately.

Similiarly, if I want to enter a time value as hh:mm am/pm or HH:mm  then I should be able to click in the Start time field, or End time field, and then just type away! No having to select each time component (the hh field, then the mm field) separately.

Likewise the date and time values should be available for selection as complete text strings in those fields.  So that when I click in the Start date field I can select all in the field (Ctrl+A) and it provides a string representing a date value in the local Region preferred format eg “dd/mm/yyyy” that I can then paste into any other aaplication.

of event

I think it would also be very useful if the Event item dialogue just had a Duration field. The purpose would be to save on setting an exact End value. Rather the end value would be calculated based upon the Start value and the Duration. So if I set my Start date/time and then specify a Duration of 30 minutes or 1 hour then the End value is calculated appropriately. This Duration field could offer the convenience of a drop down list of common values. However, the field should also offer the option once again to just be selected and the user can start typing a value like “1 hour” or “30 minutes” and the application should be able to interpret and evaluate the typed string appropriately.

I am not suggesting that the End values should be removed for the appearance of Duration. Duration should be a new field that can be modified. However should a user prefer to set the End values then the Duration should be automatically updated to reflect the correct value based upon the difference between the End value and the Start value.

Reminders per event (support for Google notifications)

I think the app developers would probably be able to guess what this is about.  So I am not going to elaborate right now. 

I appreciate that support in the eM Client application Calendar item handling for this feature is probably very difficult.  However I still wanted to note that its absence from the application is a disappointment and if it was introduced would represent a major improvement.



Hello Matt,
unfortunately these event creation changes are not among the improvements for the upcoming version 7.
Thank you for sharing your idea on the forum though, where other users can vote on it and our developers can consider it for future updates to our program.