Calendar event description editor - Formatting


I’m just testing eM for the first time.
I connected eM to our company Exchange Server. In the company I have to use Outlook 2013.
With outlook->calendar->Description, I use color, tab and other formatting functions.
At home, when I opening a calendar event description with eM, the formatting is lost!
Does eM not support HTML or other formatting?
Best Regards

Hello Otto, I’m not quite sure if you’re referring to the Description details in the Event’s details, unfortunately this text area does not currently support any advanced formatting only plain text information about the event.


Is this likely to change, as most of my meetings have a link to connect to a webex or Lync session which is removed in eM. Its just an inconvenience then a problem.

Hi Simon,
HTML formatting is not currently a planned feature for future releases, but links to outgoing webpages should work. Can you tell me which account calendar you’re experiencing this with (gmail, exchange, other)?

Best regards,