calendar entries turning into invitations

When I create a new calendar entry, and call it up again to make some edits, I cannot edit data in the window – I cannot change date/time, notes…

Normally when I call up a calendar entry for editing, the description field with my notes will be most prominent. But now the most prominent part is the participants field.

Also, normally, there are 4 tabs on the top of the screen:
General, series, participants, and attachments.
But now there is only one General tab.

Thus to change the entry, I have to copy all the information, and recreate the calendar event.

I do not work at all with invitations, I do not even now how to create one, but I figure that my calendar events do not any more stay as edible entries, but are being turned into invites.

I have noticed this before on rare occasions so I never bothered, simply recreated the affected event.
But today, it happens with every new calendar entry, and right away: safe it, reopen  it – and it has become a non-edible invitation.

What can I do to change this behavior?? Many thanks!

Hello, I’m not completely sure if I follow, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

What mail/calendar service are you using with eM Client? Can you please make a screenshot of the window you’re referring to and submit it to us here on the forum?

Are you having this issue with events that you’re an organizer of, e.g. you’ve created this event in your calendar and saved it?

Thank you Paul or getting back on this so quickly!

The version I am using is 6.0.22344.0 (distributed by SoftMaker licence)

Mostly, I use Gmail accounts with EM Client.

I have issues with events that I myself created and saved.

I have uploaded 2 screenshot in 1 JPEG file:

Left is how the event looks like and how it should reopen.

Right-hand is what I sometimes get. Thankfully enough, descriptions (if any saved) will be still there but no data cannot be edited any more. And if I choose “Decline” from the participation menu lower down in the dialog, the event would simply disappear in thin air.

But I think I
tracked it down:

If I create a new event, one of my accounts / calendars that I manage with EMC on this machine will be pre-selected…

  • in the GENERAL screen

  • as well as in the PLANNING / PARTICIPATION  screen

Quite often though, I have to save  the new event to another than the preset calendar.

Now here is
the catch:

  • if I switch to safe the new event into another than the preset calendar in the GENERAL screen

  • then the preset account  in the PLANNING PARTICIPATE screen must change to the same

Apparently this usually happens automatically yet did not so over the last weekend, for whatever reasons:

  • when I switched to safe the new event into another than the preset calendar in the GENERAL screen

  • but  the preset account  in the PLANNING / PARTICIPATE screen did not get changed along

then I ended up with an appointment that I could not edit any more after reopening it (cf right-hand side of the uploaded jpeg).

In fact, if
you save a new event into one account / calendar, but have another account participate
on it, then you have created an invitation, albeit to yourself, and of course you as the invite cannot any more edit the event. And if you decline it, it will go away.

It does not seem to be the case though, if you create an event into local calendar.

It may not be the case if you save an event into an IMAP account.

But it definitely happens when you are dealing with Gmail accounts.

Hope it makes now more sense what I am saying.

Hello, if you’re using eM Client for SoftMaker please contact SoftMaker support or migrate your license to eM Client using this upgrade offer, .

Thank you.

Thank you for the offer; I upgraded (order no EMC150601-3842-25661).
The issue is still the same which I guess does not come as a surprise.

As it stands, starting recently, the selection of the account where an appointment should get saved to, now requires an extra click in the “Participants” tab where the same account must be selected as in General, otherwise the appointment turns into an invitation. Before choosing the same account in the Participants tab may have been automatically - I never looked into that; I never had to.

Now you guys may confirm on that (even explain the recent change) or just be happy that the right licence is under discussion here – anyways, for those fellow users wondering as I did why their appointments turn into invitations, the explanation is stated above. 

Hello, not completely sure if I follow, does this occur while adding an appointment to your calendar from the calendar view, or perhaps you’re creating an appointment from a received message? The “Account” option under scheduling suggest which account will be set as  the organizer of the event and the Calendar option in general selects what calendar folder it will be saved in, which are two different settings.

However if you’re adding an appointment straight from the calendar, the account should be automatically selected based on the account that the folder is assigned to and the calendar option based on what calendar you’re currently focused in, while you’re creating the event.