Calendar entries not showing up?


I’m running eM Client 9.2.1577, and I noticed that a calendar entry was missing on my calendar. However, upon further inspection I see that it’s there and I can click on it, and if I mouseover it the cursor turns into a hand and I can edit it, but it just does not show up.

There are actually two instances of this calendar entry – one for me and one for my partner, both of which should be visible but neither of which are.

How can I get these entries to not be invisible? What causes items to go invisible and how can I prevent this from happening in the future, since I’m concerned I’ll double-book items if I can’t see them.

Note that I posted a photo here, but the photo disappeared.

Also of note is that this item goes from 11:55 pm on Sunday to 11:35am on Monday, and my week is set to begin on Monday. So it wraps around. I do see a little bit of the event on the bottom of Sunday, but it’s completely invisible on Monday.