Calendar entries lost with eM 5

I updated to eM 5 and all but one of my google calendar entries was lost. How to I re-sync?

Same problem…help please

Curiously, eM client syncs to Google calendar, but not vice versa. I wonder if this has to do with Google’s recent changes in its syncing.

If I change an existing event in Google calendar it will show up in eM client but all other events (except one today) both past and future have disappeared from eM client. I have lots of history I don’t want to have to update! And yes, I too find that Google is not picking up things I enter into eM client. Hadn’t had this problem till updating to eM 5.

I solved the problem! Go to your calendar in the left panel, right click, select “properties,” select the “repair” tab, and click “repair.” This will resync you Google calendar entries. This brought back all my old and future events.

Brilliant! Thank you.

Worked for me, too! Thanks so much!! How frustrating!!

I tried GaryG’s ‘repair’ fix, but it didn’t work for me. Are there any other ways to fix this problem?

It the repair button did no help, send us your GData logs please.