Calendar Entries Are Showing a Day Early - Zarafa i-cal - Win 8

Calendar entries are showing a day early.

I’m using the latest version of eM Client currently available (6.0.19861.0). It is running on Windows 8 pro. Connecting to a Zarafa i-cal server.

The dates in eM Client are appearing a day early i.e. we have events showing on Sunday that don’t start until Monday. These entries are marked as all day events. I am in the New Zealand timezone and daylight saving is currently in effect.

The calendar works as expected on my android phone and touch pad and of course works in the Zarafa web interface.

I have confirmed the windows timezone settings are accurate and correct.

Any ideas?


Hi, could you please send me one or two events exported into .ics to

I also could use your caldav logs from situation when you are experience this error, so if you are able to reproduce this issue to Tools - Settings - Advanced, check Caldav under your Zafara account and click apply then restart eM Client.

Now reproduce your issue and after synchornization, from “advanced” window click on send logs to, please join link to this topic as well.

These informations might help me to solve your problems with eM Client.



Thanks for your reply.

It turns out that my experienced problem seems to lie with zarafa and not em client.

Just to give a little background for the benefit of others:
I connected to the ical address in Firefox and downloaded the file off the server. Once opened in a txt editor I found some of the problematic calendar entries and discovered the datetime fields were wrong by 24 hours. This only happens with all day events.

Simply put, eM client was simply doing as it was told and thus no blame can be associated therewith.

Presumably the fault lies in the zarafa ical module only which is why the web interface works and android devices also work as they use active sync.

Presumably a zarafa update will fix this issue.

I am glad to have found the problem and although haven’t yet tried fixing it am very eager to so I can get to using eM client and hopefully deploy it throughout our entire organization.

Many thanks to all those involved with the eM client product! :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you for this detailed information :slight_smile: