Calendar Entires have disappeared

HELP!!! eMClient seems to have been working fine but when I started it today 90% of my calendar entries have disappeared. I am using Windows 10 and I am using version 7.1.30794.0 of eMClient. The calendar is essential for my work

Is this a synced calendar? If so can you see the events online?

Is it all events from a specific calendar? If so, is the calendar selected to view by having a tick to the left of the calendar name?

Yes, it syncs with Outlook. I’m not sure what you mean by seeing the events online. Where online?
There is one calendar and its ticked. And as I said some of the appointments 10% still show

By Outlook, do you mean If so, logon to through the web interface and see if the events are in the calendar.

I mean Outlook desktop and The Calendars are fine in both

One thing you could try is to remove the account from eM Client, and add it again.

Hi Gary - thanks for fast feedback. In the meantime I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and everything is fine. But you can’t keep doing that. So let’s hope it remains stable. But thanks for the support

Out of interest is your account setup as IMAP or Exchange in eM Client?

Its set-up with IMAP SMTP and AirSync all ticked

Hi Mike,

Did you setup your account in eM Client following these steps?

I believe you should NOT use IMAP, SMTP, nor AirSync for

Hans. I certainly did. Its so simple. I did not tick these boxes - they were filled automatically. But this is syncing with Outlook 2016

If you choose either the Automatic Setup or Outlook in the new account setup, eM Client will set it up as IMAP/SMTP/AirSync. There is nothing wrong with that.

But, because is essentially an Exchange server, there are benefits to setting it up as Exchange. However, I have seen better results using IMAP than Exchange.