Calendar does not hold setting

Using latest V5
My calendar always opens with January and will not remember when I change the month.

It has been already fixed in our internal version so you can expect it in the next update.

Thanks George,
Will that be 5.0.17546.0?


When would you expect the next update? Thanks.

Hopefully today.

Did I miss the update? I am still receiving a message that no update is available when I check via the program menu item.

Maybe your license expired - if you send me the email address used for the license registration I will check it in our licensing system.

Under “license” it shows “Upgrades allowed until 4/27/2013”. I’ve noticed with a couple of other programs that by upgrading to Win8 (from Win7) it impacts the license/registration information. I upgraded my machine to Win8 a few months ago. Thanks.

The version I have running is 5.0.17263.0