Calendar does not display events properly

I’m using eM Client 4.0.14479.0, and have used previous versions for several years. Since the update, my main calendar on Google does not display on the eM Client desktop. It will sync, display it, then resync and then the calendar becomes empty. I’ve been using the calendar through the interface of setting up a google account and syncing email, calendar etc. It is connecting with it, because I can create new events and they display but the existing events have the behavior described. So there is some sort of sync going on but the calendar is not being displayed. Any one else have this problem?

I’ve worked around it for the moment by making a separate account using the CalDav server at Google but that’s not as satisfactory, because it seems to be slower to synchronize.

I am sorry for the delayed reply, do you still experience the issue? Update to the latest version is you use any older than 4.0.15145 - It should be resolved now …

Thanks George. Yes, it seems to be working fine now.

Any update about the privacy issue?

the only solution is to use “Private” checkbox.