Calendar disappears when trying to change color

i have had to delete and re-add my account because various folders wrongly show unread emails. In doing that I am trying to change the color of my calendar, and each time I do that the calendar folder disappears. It just vanishes. The calendar shows one folder, “Conversation history,” which makes no sense in a calendar. But the calendar itself, with the appointments, etc. is simply gone.

I have deleted and readded this account 4 times to fix this,and the problem keeps happening.


Same there… Not for all accounts, but especially for

Ditto. In my experience, The calendar always seems to have issues in EM Client . . . I’ve been a pro user for years, but they never fix the issues with outlook.
Sync doesn’t work as it should, calendar disappearing when trying to change color, etc.
Seems they just don’t like Microsoft.
What’s baffling is calendar works perfectly in other clients.

Yep - I see the same with - I see the same things on calendar, syncing is iffy, and if I try and use EMS rather than IMAP, I see incorrect X500 email reply to addresses sent to some users, which are un-replyable. I don’t see that with IMAP and I don’t see it with other mail clients. Really odd that is poorly supported still. Last I heard, they have a few users out there…

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I’m new to eM Client and trying to find an Outlook replacement. I’m having the same problem when I try to change the color of the calendar. As others have stated, deleting and re-adding the account doesn’t work. Hoping there’s a fix for this – or at least one in the works.