Calendar disappearing!

  1. They are in my emails calendar

  2. Yes I normally download for offline use.

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Hi Chris,

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  1. Are your events stored in local folders or are they stored directly in your email’s calendar?

  2. Have you tried downloading messages for offline use? Here’s how to do so:
    Head to Menu > Accounts > IMAP > enable Download messages for offline use.

Sry not sure what your question / issue us about ?

Are you missing emails that are now only showing online ?, or is your calendar completely gone ?

Upon installing an update my calendar completely disappeared except for the notifications!

Ok if you you been creating eM Client automatic or manual daily backups, you can restore them via "Menu / File / Restore which you can then select the backup date to restore.

If you don’t have eM Client backups and have a eg: IMAP, Exchange or iCloud account you would just remove and re-add your account which will normally automatically bring back the calendar.